2011 Boushey Vineyard Banere

 This is our Red Blend From Boushey Vineyard that is extremely well balanced, Complex, and Long finish. 73% Cab Sauv, 15% Merlot 6% Sangiovese, 3% Syrah, 2% Cab Franc, and 1% Petite Verdot.

Price: $27.00  





2009 Boushey Vineyard Cab Sauv.

This Awesome Cab Sauv is Big, Bold, and rich in flavour with incredible depth, balance and long finish. It has the dark fruit flavours of a Cab that has hung on the vine until it is totally ripe.We have come to appreciate the great quality of Dick’s Cab Sauv. We have blended in 4% Cab Franc and 3% PetiteVerdot.

Price $26 Bottle Sold out!



2007 Solstice Vineyards Unicus

This wine is made in the bordeaux style using Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc. It is filled with dark fruit fravors with a long, lingering finish. Flavors of black currant, mint, and anise give this wine a bold bouqet signaling the depth and complexity with Silky round tannins. It’s drinking wonderfully !

Price: $24.00





 2009 Boushey Vineyards Merlot

Merlot loves Washington state’s two extra hours of sunshine a day and its cooler nights. The state is making some of the best Merlots in the world, and this one is no exception . Dark ruby red in color with striking red plum and oak aromas. On the palate, hints of plum and licorice fill the mouth with a sweet finish.

Price: $23.00 




2010 Sangiovese Boushey Vineyard

2010 our Sangiovese is on the super tuscan side with 79% Sangiovese, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon and 1% Petite Verdot. Were thrilled with the quality of this wine after following the great 2009 Vintage. This wine is well suited to match with food and is not a wine that will over power food. Aged in all neutral oak barrels all you taste is pure Boushey Vineyard fruit!

Price: $20.



2007 Boushey Vineyards Syrah

This bottle is drinking beautifully and the use of French, American and Hungarian Oak barrels is apparent early on as the aromas feature roasted coffee, molasses and walnut with touches of Boysenberry, saddle leather and gaminess. There’s a greeting of black fruit on the palate with notes of dark plum,black currant, and dried blueberry, backed by more coffee, walnut and brown sugar. It’s structure  is intense but balanced. Gold Medal winner at Capitol Food and Wine festival and it was given an outstanding by Great N.W. Wines.

Price: $24.00



2011 Viognier  Lonesome Spring Ranch Vineyard

Light gold in color, this wine has peach and apricot flavors; buttery and honey-like on the palate. It is a clean and fruity choice for those who love a smooth not to sweet white wine.


Price: $14   Sold out!