The Grapes That Make Our Wines

Boushey Vineyards

Dick has earned the respect of his peers by his involvement in the Washington Wine Growers Association, being honored as ‘Grower of the Year’ in 2001. You can’t help but be taken in by his enthusiasm for what is happening in the Washington State wine industry. Boushey vineyards are located near Grandview, WA. Not far from the much-acclaimed Red Mountains, Boushey’s vineyards are cooler, allowing the fruit to hang up to three weeks longer. This allows the full depth of varietal character to mature, giving the winemaker the ability to create wines of unusual balance.

Capstone Cellars is pleased to make wines with the label designation “Boushey Vineyards”. They include our Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Banere.

Solstice Vineyard

Willard farms have been in this family for generations. Jim and his wife have seen the transformation of the Yakima Valley first-hand by embracing the growing wine industry and adding vineyards to what was the home of a variety of other crops. Their 260 acres of vineyards look over the Yakima Valley just north of Prosser, WA.

Capstone Cellars is pleased to make wines with the label designation “Solstice Vineyard”. They include our Syrah, Riesling, Merlot, Unicus & Cabernet Franc.

Lonesome Spring Ranch Vineyard

Located in the warm, well-drained Rattlesnake Mountain area, Lonesome Spring Ranch prides themselves on growing quality vinifera wine grapes year after year. With a focus on caring for their vines and their people, the grapes are grown with attention to detail and harvested both by machine and by hand. As a part of the Vinewise program, Lonesome Spring Ranch manages their vineyard to the highest possible standards to meet product, maintenance & sustainability requirements. Through this dedication, they provide some of the best grapes in the Yakima Valley.

Capstone Cellars is pleased to make wines with the label designation “Lonesome Spring Ranch”. They include our Malbec, Cachet, Viognier, and Riesling (to be released in spring 2021).

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